Campus life is not as easy as i tought. It is hard for me to fit well on my fresh man year. Praise to god. I managed to cope well with the present of peoples who help me a lot throughout last sem. I never realised the present of them on the first place, as I often spent time with my BESTFRIEND. Day by day, week through week, and month by month. I met with a new life. new friends. a lot o new experienced. Knowledge. and the most important, which is BESTIES. If I need help, motivation, or somebody 2 talk with, they will lend me their precious time. To survive on campus life, I need a lot of help. and help is known as below; they all my friends. these picture are the memory that is preserve at my LAPPY


Titration time.....Bun n DK..

Today I wanna sing SINGLE LADY by OJEK GAGA

the book entitle

Pikku's Bfday yg ke 91...opzz i mean 19...ahr3
1Borneo can be seen. N pikku also can be seen...

We R the World, We R the ChiLdren .....
c: sa d tgh2 test tubes..hhahha

SENYUM SEINDAH SURIA, KAN MEMBAWA CAHYA, Senyumlah dari  Haty sehingga ke pikku..har3..a friend of mine
FIONA...without the present of her...i stilll feel that she's near...though shes not

the story begins with ....

Mengenang waktu mengangkat BULUH YG TERSAGT2 BERAT Yang Kuning kami punya....^_____^

UiTM Sabah

Uitm Sabah is 1st Uitm Sabah Branch in Malaysia. 

In March 1973, ITM Sabah Branch was established with the cooperation and support from the Sabah Foundation and State Government. The temporary campus was in Sembulan and the first intake in July of that year comprised 159 students. On 17 August of the same year, the campus was officially open by the then Chief Minister of Sabah. Then in January 1982, a large majority of the student population was transferred to the permanent campus at Kuala Menggatal after the completion of its hostel blocks and other facilities. The move was completed in 1991 and now the university is known as UiTM Cawangan Sabah( get from

Over the year. UiTM Sabah undergoes a lot of change. Male Students now got their new kolej(kolej manukan) which is near to the new academic building, They dont need to chase and snatch for the bus( which i had xperienced before we moved to the new cluster). The accomodation at the new cluster is also Good and we were praise 2 have the new cluster.  I dont have the picture of the cluster. Later im gonna snap a pic n post it here. ^___^

This Picture was taken by me from the new academic building. at the 5th floor if im not mistaken. the new HEP(menara wibawa) also can be seen in this picture. Library also can be seen. The building have a quiet distant from each other. The other building still in construction. I LOVE UITM SABAH. Always in my heart.

This picture was took last week when i went back 2 cluster after attending HKR class. This is the view from fast track. i was fascinated by this views. Fast track is a bit far from the new academic building. Thank god is my class is at the New academic building. only for HKR that require me to go to FT. if u notice, u can see the new Hep Building. mayB it'll be used by next semester. so we dnt have to climb all the stairs at 3rd phase if we hv smting 2 be sttle with the hep.

This picture was taken from Library. it is near to the new and upcoming Hep Building(if im not mistaken). last sem i can count how often i went to library. im just lazy enough to go there as it is far from cluster B. This sem i often went to the library. The staff were also very nice, especially the KAKAK that in chrge at the counter. UiTM Sabah will have a lot of upcoming new building that will build for students.

i know u became more xcited...relax guys......
 election weeks.....CrOWded At The Hall..
 blur....but these are the candidate for the elction
 Maulidur Rasul Conducted BY PUSAT ISLAM UiTM SABAH
 wich 1 is the best....??? jusged who decide....
Im proud 2 be a UiTM students......Yahoo!!!!

mARI BacA ^^V

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