The pressure is coming

ENT’s Time. Its 27th September and that indicates 3 more days before the beginning of the real fight. Ive tried my best in all test and quiz, but not my very best. InsyaALLAH im willing to sacrifice my time and energy for this upcoming exam that will start on  1st of October. Though it’s a business subject, still its not impossible. As what Dato Tony Fernandes told us few months ago when he came to our campus

“Dream the impossible”

It’s not really impossible, it’s possible. But the thing that makes it impossible is Me my self who need adjustment for my pathetic way of life. I need someone to motivate me so that I can study well like I used to be. I missed the moment where I was craving for dean’s list. But now, the spirits is gone. Ya ALLAH, what’s wrong with me? Im too lazy, and always always always overslept. I’ve been left out and I don’t wanna feel the same way again. Maybe its because of the disappointments due to unexpected answer from the dean’s. I really am passionate of continuing my study on that field. But, a bitter answer is what I got. YA ALLAH, KUATKNLAH HAMBAMU INI. 

mARI BacA ^^V

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