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FINAL EXAM FOR DIS PART 4 sesi 2, 2011


Its MARCH. And guess what?? Exam is around the corner and im still with my old habits. Watching movies and sleep most of the time. Study sometimes and it drive me nuts when I found that IM SUCKS for my Chemistry. I mean both of the test he gave, I cant score though I study and push my self to the limit. Maybe, its just not my fortune. Most of us did not manage to score well and the highest is 7.5 out of 10. 


Alhamdulillah, though I did not manage to score for Chemistry, but Bio is vice versa. My oga’s is 36.++. It is good to know that I still can score for my BIO. Thanks to Allah SWT, I managed to score A’s  for the past 3 sem. To get A+ I need to score at least 89++. And to get A, need to score 72 for  this upcoming finals. Lets me do my path, and let Allah do the rest. That what my Abah told me every sem. Managed to get dean’s for three sem doesn’t mean that im going to get dean’s for this sem. But, it is possible as long as you do your path, and leave the rest to ALLAH. Hopefully ill manage to get deans and 3.8++ for my GPA. AMIN. Gudluck to all UiTM’s for the upcoming exam. For DIS part 4, whose going to sit for CSC 134, Phy 250, Bio 250, Chm 257, and Qmt 245. Lets do our best. ^^. Next semester will be our Final year for diploma. Insyaallah, we’ll get the course that we want. Amin. And salam.


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