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FInal Semester, Gudluck 2 ME

Assalamualaikum WBT
tak jawab, bedosa. (dalam hati pun xpa)

Sudahkan terang lagikan bersuluh, Im going to miss the moment ive spent together with my mates throughout my fifth sem. Seriously, aku ndak sangka aku akan masuk final sem @ senior SEM. Feel like yesterday, aku baru masuk UiTM, then join MDS. act like a responsible FRESHY, Pakai baju bati(the thing i hate the most), berebut Bus dengan Siswi UiTM Sabah(hebat siot diorang). Makan kat BTC and just helping my self to cope with the new Uni environment. Its hard for me at first, thank god i have my bestfriend with me and we managed to get it through together. ALHAMDULILLAH. 

26 June 2010

Its been 2 years since I first step at UiTM sabah. Meet with new fellas, lecturers and a lot of new stuff. At first i was terrified, majority of the student have a better SPM results compare to me. I always said to my self that, Im the dumbest person at the class. Failed on most of the test and quizes at first, then I realized that was my mistake and raise again. Alhamdulillah, i managed to get dean for my first sem. Its actually what trigger me to study and perform well since then. I used to be an average student in my class during my high school year. Never been on the APC(anugerah pelajar cemerlang) to receive any awards. NOT EVEN ONCE. Think, ALLAH didnt gave it to me as he save it for a better one. Praise to ALLAH. 

By the way, later ill summerize all the subject on every sem for Diploma Science UiTM and probably give some intro to it. By the way, sem 5 is the most awesome semester for me. As i went outing with my friend regularly and sometimes Stay Out(just to loosen up a bit).

What i will miss the most, is for sure CHM 301. I LOVE THAT SUBJECT TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much. I dont know why, probably because of the lecturer. Alhamdulillah i managed to get A for both organic chemistry for sem 4 and 5. Praise to ALLAH, and thanks to Mr Hafiz. 

Mr HAfiz Ahmad Tajuddin. Always be there for us
if we LOST in the world of organic...

Okay, for my results. Alhamdulillah i managed to score well this time and my CGPA increase to 3.72. Though, its still hard for me as i regret it much for not studying well for past sem. Especially sem 1 where the lowest gpa i got to date. Alhamdulillah, BIO 300, BIO 310, CHM 301, and ENT 300. I managed to score well. I was a little worried at first if I didnt managed to score for my BIO 300, thank god i made it through. Alhamdulillah, throughtout 5 sem for my diploma, all my BIOLOGY subject i managed to score A. (not takabbur, but im just relieved that finally I found something that im good at)

Thats the story, after went for CHM 301 consultation with Mr Hafiz, then we went to celebrate my friends birthday at Tanjung Aru. And its quite fun as we were in the middle of exam and the stress is still there. This time, i will not reveal my results, but i managed to get dean's and again ALHAMDULILLAH. One more semester to increase my CGPA ant this would be the last chance to get 4 flat(myB, people will think, "baru diploma dah bangga", guess what, i dont give a crap, macam mana genius pun kau, if u didnt study, results kau tetap x kan ok). 

Crowded right, ni pun separuh dah balik. last sem, giler crowded. Additional table pun ada sampai penuh bilik perbincangn ni.,

We're at Tanjung Aru celebrating WAWA and MaMaH birth day.  Sweet 20 guys(except mamah haha)

This is at front of Suria Sabah, we went for outing the night after our Final PAPER.
That day's going to be LEGENDARY. Ohsem night. 
LATER UPCOMING POST, ill share about subjects and what u need to do for the subjeect(FOR DIS) tq


Pipop said...

You should write like this more often! and congrats on getting A for BIO310.. I didn't get A.. T.T Dammit.. I MUST GET AT LEAST ONE 4.0.. PLEASE! Our last chance Ismi!!!

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