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Whats wrong on getting achievement??

Assalamualaikum WBT.

“You got a nice lecturer, No WONDER LAH u got dean’s List”

“Damn, soalan kau masa kamu SENANG siot, no wonderlah U got dean’’s list”.

“Test sama quiz kamu senang OK, that’s why kau dapat dekan”

“We got a new syllabus, NO wonder u got deans list, sebab soalan kamu senang SIKIT dari kami”

Here we go again, where I keep mumbling about my life that I believe no one will interest in . Its just came across me now, that many times I’ve been condemned just because I got dean’s list and I prefer not to stand up and fight back. I mean, is it a sin for me to get on dean’s list? Do you think that I didn’t put any effort to get it?  Do you think I was fooling around and do nothing before the Finals??

Damn “u” There you go. I curse you not because of your jealousy, instead because of your foolishness. I never been  so angry . Thank god that my friend were there to cool me off. You pissed me off a lot you know. Why did you hate it so much that I got it. Damn,  you make me regretted  on those mean words I throw to you. Seriously, what I regret is I didn’t pass the test from ALLAH the Almighty. I know that I will be tested one day, because ALLAH giving me Dean’s meaning I will be praised and TAKBBUR will came.  I had it enough. At  first I thought it would be waste of time if I take a sweet and sour revenge. Taking revenge is not necessary for me(initially). But,  all the cruel word  that came out of your mouth keep torturing me every time we have a conversation and I had it enough.

 FYI dude, on my second semester, for Analytical chemistry, we’re the first batch for DIS who was taking it and our lecturer  MISS DIANA INDIM was the one who taught us and so Do U. We didn’t even have any past year to refer to, but still with her help Alhamdulillah I managed to get A’s. But still, we do a lot of tutorial for everything  to be okay. ( I don’t have any intention of being takabbur, but this is the example that I can think right now for telling you that I have effort for getting it). If I didn’t study, and then I got Dean’s then u can say something about it. Sory, but still its my EFFORT and the help from ALLAH  that helps me. The support from Family, lecturers and colleagues help me to make it through.  So, next time if you telling me that I don’t deserve it, I will curse you to death(not really), cuz ive sacrifice a lot to get it.



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