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Dear Exam

Assalamualaikum WBT

Dear mR Exam, its been a week since we last met. Im planning to stop thinking about you, buts still, why you still disturb me in my daily life. Im expecting a nice nap every day. But still, you managed to be in it uninvited. What happen????? Please please please. Ive tried my best, i gave my all and i had sacrifice my nap for you. But that the past, now ots time for me to have some break.  

Dr Exam, BIO 300 is not included in the final exam?? But what happen?? In my sweet adorable dream that suddenly you came and there is You Dear BIO 300..? you drive me crazy, its like pain in the ass.

DEAR EXAM, please please please give me a good news. I really need a better results. Cuz i gave my ALL for all the paper. Still, you disturb me in my Ismi and Juliet dream. I was about to propose to Juliet, and suddenly There is requirement for me to answer BIO 300?? wahaha, Whaat the fish dear Exam. BIO 310 is enough sweeetie exam. I love you to the fullest, i've tried my best for BIO 310. So dont give a crap and getting in between me and Juliet and ask me to answer another paper. Enough is enough. 

Regards, Ismi O..haha

PS: i Know, mimpi tu permainan tidur. but still, BIO 300 selalu menghantui aku. tap hari mimpi pasal EXAM. Omaigad, sekian.


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