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My results will be out on 13th of February. Perasaaan? Beracmpur baur, ada cuak, hepy, redha, malas, rajin. Pergh. Sebenarnya aku dah lupakan tarikh sebenar ni. However, kawan aku suka twit pasal results. Pergh.. So the feeling is unstoppable right? So redha jak lah. 

Do pray for me n my friends. We've tried our best. Many things that i learned from my first sem of degree. One of it is i need to start study from the beginning of semester. What ive done is i started late. Crawling to catch up with few subject, especially fluid flow and process chemistry. Alhamdulillah for fluid flow, i managed to score well for the carry marks. However for process chem, i dont think i managed to score weell for the carry marks cuz test 1 i only score about 60% out of 100%. Test 2, alhamdulillah i improved. But, as for final? I done 6 past year, and im suck for the final exam. Ya ALLAH, hopefully ill get it through. Harap jangan repeat. 

Amin ^^


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