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Assalamualaikum Readers

I graduated with a bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Hons). Syukur alhamdulillah. After a few years since is stop writing and post any stuff in my blog. Here I am. Hopefully wiser than ever.

So topik harini is about LIFE. What is lfie after graduation????????

As for my Life? Typical things fresh grad will do. Scrolling JOB STREET, JOBS MALAYSIA,  MAukerja. Attending endless career fair. But bare in mind,  Its really hard to get a job nowadays. The economic downturn and also terlalu banyak engineers di Malaysia ni. Degree?? I did not secure ANC. Yeah. But, still I am happy with the results condsidering I am sooo busy with involvement in persatuan. I got ANC during my diploma. Somehow, I felt empty in terms of involvement in any society. Such a waste. Apapun, I got second class upper.

 Dengan zaman GST ni lagi. Ya ALLAH, sumpah susah nak dapat kerja. Member lain dah dapat kerja. But Trust me, rezeki Allah itu luas. Cepat atau lambat je. Have faith in him, but remember not little faith, but you need to have a loooooooooooooooooooot of faith in him,

Some people might say, Pointer is just a thing, what gonna make you excel out there is your soft skills and involvement in program. TETTTTT, I beg to differ. Dengan kebanjiran fresh graduates, cut off pointer akan naik. Aku dah pergi 7 interview. Tapi, rezeki Allah belum pilih. Sooooo,...gotta get up and try and try and try..gotta get up and try and try and tryyyy..

Apaaaa aku merapu ni. Nantilah sambung post lain. Pasal interview session with UEM for SLIM. The best and leisure interview i ever attended.

mARI BacA ^^V

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