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UiTM adalah University mundur????

Assalamualaikum ReAdeRs~~~

Ok Aq adalah UiTM students
I gave my heart 2 UiTM
I love UiTM
n As a prestiges University
I think,  UiTM had change A lot of people's life
Just so U know,
UiTM is MY LIFE n MY STrength
Well. Why did i come with these entry??

well...i was blog walking on klik sini 
And obviously, i thought he the 1 who said that
UiTM is university that MUNDUR or Left out..
But it was not em
he cite a Picture
Dont know from whom
Anonymous i think
And This picture reveal everything
Sources from MElayukuhebat

Ok FIne,
It obviously gv me a bad impact
Cuz, as far as i concern
My uncle said
UiTM student know how to do work
Well, i dont know
But it actually Encourage me 2 study harder and 
PROUD 2 become a Uitm's
UiTM sabah, sentiasa d Hatiku


Citi Bazyla said...

go UiTM !!!!
aku pn student UiTM jugakk..
UiTM penang. tapii, dak sbh :)
btw, slm prknlan ^^

Ahmad Ismi said...

iya....Bgs2....UiTM in my heart..
salam perkenalan..~~~~hehe

:: cikkmamah :: said...

salam pknalan citi..ehee...ismi nih clasmate ku skang..mi, citi tuh clasmate aku tyme d pre luk..ehee

Ahmad Ismi said...

iya???owh ic..bdak uitm sabah gak..huhuh..bestnya awal2 indipendent dah d smnanjung ya,...haha..impressive~~~

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