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Ways to get man's Attention

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I went to yahoo just now and found out about an article about
"5 Ways to get man's ATTENTION"
Let me cite the info a little bit
Sam Gosling, Ph.D., from the University of Texas at Austin recently coauthored a study that revealed, “people get pretty good reads on others for the traits of extraversion, openness to new experiences, likability, and self-esteem” based on their photos alone. But what about when you’re meeting with someone in person for the first time? According to Joe Navarro, nonverbal communication expert and coauthor of What Every BODY is Saying, “You have four opportunities to impress others — at a distance, when you shake hands, as you converse, and as you leave.” -source from yahoo

1) wear something red??
from what i read, they said that Peoples attractemd to the red colour
For instance, when women wears in red, Man will seat near to her and will ask
Well, as for me. It is obvious that red can attract my attention.
It is bright colour
Obviously it will attract my attention.

3) Speak at a natural volume
WEll i skipped no 2 cuz it is something that is hard 4 me 2 understand
Erm, when it comes to speaking. I couldent agree more when it comes to speak 
at a natural volume.
The way girl looks so attractive is the way they communicates with other
As for me, i prefer a girls with a friendly tone when speaking to others
 It makes them Adorable. HHA

4)Relax and use humor to break the ice
 Instead, joke about your surroundings or popular culture-yahoo
well, you may use a humor to break the ice
As for me, i love 2 watch a girl that can make an instant jokes
That makes them more attractive than the others.
Thats acctually the things that makes her different from others

5)Keep your body language open
When we talk aboout body language, i couldnt agree more when people 
Instead, sit or stand in a relaxed and confident manner. -yahoo source
well, when u talking confidently. IT surely can attract others
You will look more attractive
the way you communicate will tell others how you feel.
i mean, i ur sad. 
or shy
it attract me when people usually shy to start a conversation
cuz i will, the one wwho start a conversation instead.
haha. But it depend on personal preference
When u attract others
It sure can lead 2 One sided loves
I mean, people will love u
Despite u dont love them~~~~

 do u wanna read the articles??????
find out more from this link


Aunniey Noel said...

uih...napa sa tia ada urang mau?cm sa tw yang kana sabut2 tuh..haha..ui..lama mghilg?...byk mo cer do...huhuhu

Ahmad Ismi said...

no komen k..haha...ikut nasib kot...ada jua 2 yg minat ko mngkin...tp malu2...mcm ABG O**..haha

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