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UiTM Sabah Campus Life's

Assalamualaikum Readers
Kepada mereka yang dah dapat results UPU
and Managed to enter UiTM Sabah
For any course
There something interesting that you may wanna know
UiTM Sabah will serve you all with a lot of excitement
well, what i experience in my freshman YEAR is

1) New friends
Well, all I know after finished my secondary eduction is I dont wanna replace my friend 
that i already have and i said They never be replace(it is true though)
Thank god it is my faith that i managed to enter UiTM sabah with my Besties MAD
When I enter Univversity lifes. I was terrified. I am a friendly person(MYB), so i managed to fit in. But i cannot replace all friends that i have at school. The always stay and keep in touch with me.
I managed to find a few BESTIES and a tonned of new friends
And there a few that i prefer not to be friend with
It is not because im a particular persons
But, their attitude had made me enough of them. So I just pretend to be friend with them
But actually, i always ignore them(NOT my BESTIES)
i think they know that i ignore them

2) you will learn others cuture
Well, Sabah is well known as it consist of a lot of culture and races.
Well, what i learn is, you can Fit In well when you try and ask about others culture
It just nice to know how they celebrate something
Like festival, and Many More
what i learn is and Like the most is Unduk Ngadau
I never knew about Unduk Ngadau untuil i asked one of my friend
Well, i practically know about Unduk Ngadau, but i barely know WHY IS IT CELEBRATED?

3) You will meet with a lot of great and awesome lecturers
lecturers at UiTM sabah is Helpful. The will never get boring when to answer all the question that presented to them. Well, curiousity Trigger me as i am one of the most annoying students that like to ask QUESTION
but thank god, My lecturers IS THE BEST. They teach me a lesson of life that "PEOPLE BORN NOT BORN 2 Be STUPID". well, all i know that, i was humbly felt left out especially in math. But along with the encourtagment that MDM Hasmiah gave me, I know that im not dumb. Im not stupid in handling numbers. Just Clumsy I think. Well, although she thought me indirectly .
Well, no fear to ask the lecturers.

well, what interesting at UiTM sabah is we have BUKIT. So the most famous road is "JLN DPIM"
Owh GOSH, it was extremly HIGH and have like thousand of stairs. Its killing me sometimes as i have ATHMA. Haha. well, i think that all. Ya i mean there is a lot of interesting thing at UiTM sabah, BUt there would be no surprise if I citer 2 you all. So discover it by ur own lah
Many Peninsular's said that SABAHAN IS FRIENDLY


Anonymous said...

hi!:D...is there music faculty in uitm sabah??

Ahmad Ismi said...

Anonymous : unfortunately no..spry...faculty music is on another branch or myB at shah alam....^^

Anonymous said...

nak tanye sumthing
saya akan jd lepasan matrik soon
alhamdulillah pointer sem 1 cantik,
tapi saya down bile MUET band 2
ade harapan ke lg utk medic,dentist,pharmacy,others?

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